How much does it cost to travel in Chile?

Chile was the first stop on our trip through South America in March 2013. It was a great introduction to South America, we loved buying delicious steak from the supermarket to cook in our hostel kitchen and we admired the baron landscape of Northern Chile whilst travelling by bus.

San Pedro, Chile

San Pedro, Chile

Based on two people travelling on a budget, staying in shared hostel rooms, cooking in hostel kitchens and travelling by bus, we spent a 204,839 pesos over 7 days, approx £256 / $410. That works out at £36.50 / $58.50 per day.

Day 1 Pesos
Accommodation 11,700
Bus 2,600
Dinner 8,810
Total 23,110


Day 2 Pesos
Accommodation 11,700
Drinks 800
Lunch & dinner 2,500
Bath towels (x2) 5,980
Total 20,980


Day 3 Pesos
Accommodation 10,800
Bus 10,800
Tram 600
Water 700
Food 4,500
Total 27,100


Val Paraiso, Chile

Val Paraiso, Chile

Day 4 Pesos
Accommodation 14,400
Bus 18,200
Food 4,927
Total 37,527


Day 5 Pesos
Bus (overnight) 40,000
Clothing 4,000
Souvenirs 6,990
Snacks 652
Total 51,642


Day 6 Pesos
Accommodation 14,040
Bus 5,200
Food 5,750
Snacks 950
Total 25,940


Day 7 Pesos
Accommodation 14,040
Clothing 2,000
Snacks 2,500
Total 18,540


Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile


  1. It’s so weird that overnight bus is nearly 4 times more expensive that the accommodation. That’s the opposite to what you can get in Europe or in China. 24h train ride is twice cheaper than a night in a average hotel in China. I’ve never made it to Chile, but it terms of prices it’s not the cheapest place to travel I see.
    Agness recently posted..How To Combine A Full-Time Job With Long-Term TravelMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the breakdown. $58 a day is a very reasonable travel budget! I really want to put Chile’ on my travel wish list!
    Deborah Spagnuolo recently posted..The Nantucket Biodiversity InitiativeMy Profile

  3. It looks like you did quite well and made your money go a long way. I always enjoy Chile but have to be careful though, I’m prone to getting food poisoning there.
    The Guy recently posted..Etramping Meet Up: Big Night In ChinaMy Profile

  4. Thanks. This will help me with my budget.

  5. Such detail! I love it! Thanks for sharing
    Fabiana recently posted..Things to experience when you’re in CheltenhamMy Profile

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